There are many factors to consider when optimizing your digital marketing strategy. One question that often comes up is whether to run a PPC campaign or to focus your efforts on gaining Organic SEO traffic. When done the right way, organic traffic is the better option, providing more volume and a better cost per lead than any paid search campaign. So, why should you even consider using Paid Search? When first getting started, it may be hard for a business to gain attention, and running a PPC campaign will get your name out on search quicker than anything else.

In order to decide if you will use paid search, organic search, or a combination of both, it is important to know your budget and develop an understanding of how your target market is using the internet to search for your services. This article will provide a comparative analysis on organic search and paid search, the benefits of using them both at the same time as well as provide ways to help your business effectively gain organic traffic.

What is Organic SEO?

Google is constantly transforming the delivery of results to people who search for and access information online. Now, more than ever, search engines reward websites that provide unique, relevant content and information. Organic search engine optimization is the accumulation of numerous on page and off page efforts that will together contribute to the overall goal of increasing traffic to your brand’s website.

How can you gain Organic SEO Traffic?

What is a PPC Campaign?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and this is a form of advertising where you pay each time someone clicks to view your ad. Google allows you to display ads as sponsored in Google’s Search Engine Results page for your choice of keywords. These sponsored ads will appear above the organic listings on the results page.

What are some benefits of a PPC campaign?

SEO & PPC: Used together

There are many ways in which SEO and PPC complement each other and lead to a more successful search strategy. Using both paid and organic search can give you the best possible chance of being seen in the search results. PPC ads will immediately gain visibility and lead customers to your website, this will increase your page’s trust score and domain strength. With highly optimized content, you can gain advantage over competitors. Using both of these strategies combined gives you double the data to analyze and draw from.

If you know which PPC ads result in the most conversions, you will be able to see more immediately which page attributes work and which don’t. Similarly, using organic search data can inform which keywords to use in PPC search campaigns. By testing the conversion rate for the words you want to rank for with PPC ads, you’ll get more immediate feedback on the effectiveness of the organic keywords you are after. Analyzing the terms frequently used will give more valuable insight into your customers’ needs and search habits.