Yovth, with the V, is not a typo. That V stands for visionaries.

Through fresh eyes and a strong belief in bringing new solutions to an ever-changing landscape, East End Yovth guide brands to where culture is going.

Everyone else attempts to align with the trends of today; East End Yovth provides services to help you navigate there before everyone else. Our signature collaboration between digital and creative products serves to ensure that your curated content is aligned with your core branding.

East End Yovth assures that your brand effectively reaches your target audience by communicating strong messaging strategically delivered by optimized marketing channels.

Let East End Yovth help you throw the killer party, with the perfect attendees, at the perfect time!

The founders, Kevin Poirier and Sam Norval, met almost two decades ago in New York City’s Lower East Side. 

Their long-standing friendship was founded on personal chemistry and mutual professional respect. Both had started a successful agency yet the idea of working together had always been something that was discussed and seemed destined to happen. 

East End Yovth is the merger of their former digital marketing and creative agencies.