10 Must-Have Shopify Plugins for Online Stores to Drive Sales in 2021

Shopify is already one of the easiest ways to run an online shop, yet the platform is compatible with hundreds of plugins that make owning an online store more effortless than ever. 

The Shopify App Store is brimming with options from free dropshipping apps to premium CRM tools. With an overwhelming number of plugins to choose from, it can be tricky to zero in on the best. Here are ten top-tier Shopify plugins to boost sales in 2021.

Free Shipping Bar

It’s hard to resist the allure of free shipping, and most companies know it, which is why so many offer free shipping after a set threshold. Free Shipping Bar allows business owners to add a customizable banner to their website to display free shipping offers.

Most of us are guilty of creating fanciful carts only to abandon them when we realize the shipping will cost us. Adding a free shipping bar to your website helps lower cart abandonment rates by alerting shoppers that free shipping is within reach.

With so many shoppers invariably adding extra items to their cart to reap free shipping benefits, a free shipping bar is a foolproof way to increase sales.

Plug-in SEO

SEO has become a marketing buzzword, and for a good reason. To increase traffic to your website SEO optimization is a sure-fire way to go, but optimizing and analyzing SEO content yourself can be monotonous. Luckily the Plugin SEO app is here to bear the burden.

Plugin SEO runs automatic reviews of page titles, headings, meta descriptions, content structure, and more to provide insights on how businesses can enhance the site’s SEO content. The app is available for free or at a rate of $20 per month for enhanced features.

With more traffic comes more sales, which is why over 90,000 Shopify store owners are capitalizing on SEO optimization.


Klaviyo is a marketing automation tool that helps businesses foster relationships with their customers. Through data insights, Klaviyo allows online stores to track customers’ activity, including purchase speeds and email engagement.

With individual customer-based data in mind, companies can tailor marketing campaigns to target audiences and personalize ads to better connect with shoppers. 

In a slew of batch-and-burst emails and mass marketing campaigns, personalization is the best way for an online business to stand out from the crowd. Klaviyo helps Shopify shop owners do just that.


Exposure is one of if not the most crucial aspects of running a successful business. Many a shop has bit the bullet, not due to second-rate products but because no one knew the shop existed in the first place. Kit ensures your shop is seen by as many sets of eyes as possible to keep sales coming.

As commerce moves overwhelmingly to the virtual world, companies have had to adapt their methods of reaching audiences. Kit is like a right-hand man when it comes to permeating markets on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

With Kit, businesses can launch marketing campaigns with the touch of a button; all they have to do is use Facebook or Instagram’s messenger interface to message Kit. From there, Kit does the heavy lifting to put ads in front of millions of users.

Wishlist Plus

Online shopping is often an exercise in the hypothetical. Many of us tell ourselves we’ll sleep on buying an item only to forget about it or the site on which we found it. Wishlist plus helps shoppers keep track of future purchases and alerts them when an item is back in stock.

The app is straightforward, and shoppers don’t even have to log in to favorite items. The Wishlist Plus dashboard provides metrics on wish list activities that businesses can use to improve their website and create personalized marketing campaigns.

Not only is Wishlist Plus an invaluable tool for curbing cart abandonment, adding a wish list to your website has been proven to boost sales by 19.3%.


Outfy helps businesses cast a large marketing net to reach users across multiple platforms. With Outfy, companies can create social content like videos, GIFs, and collages to engage with their customers. The app also helps businesses analyze which content is providing the best results.

With Outfy, shop owners can automate the publication of their social media posts and choose from image and caption templates for marketing campaigns. Shop owners can connect multiple stores to Outfy to manage all social media marketing from one place.

Buy Button Channel

Ease of use is highly coveted in today’s digital day. Buy Button Channel allows businesses to quickly add buy buttons to any webpage so shoppers can purchase without delay.

Buy Button Channel’s editor is easy to use and offers custom fonts, colors, and layouts so businesses can match the buy button to their shop’s branding. Once shop owners have crafted their desired buy button, they can add it to any webpage by copying and pasting the HTML code.

For even speedier sales, shops can add quick checkout links that send shoppers directly to the checkout page. Quick checkout links never fail to increase sales when added to social media ads.

Referral Candy

The best advertising is often the kind you don’t do yourself. Word of mouth referral is one of the most powerful but often overlooked marketing techniques. Still, no matter how much people enjoy a product, they generally need prodding to refer to it online. With Referral Candy, businesses can reward customers for referring friends while reaping an influx of sales.

With Referral Candy, shop owners can customize rewards like cash, store discounts, and custom gifts, and the rewards are paid out automatically. With a hands-off approach that is likely to appeal to busy shop owners, it’s no wonder Referral Candy currently services over 30,000 online retailers.


Spocket facilitates dropshipping processes for US and EU retailers. Shopify store owners can choose the best products to purchase from Spocket’s market place, which boasts sellers from all over the world. Business owners can order samples directly from the Spocket dashboard to try before they buy.

Spocket easily syncs with any Shopify store for easy order fulfillment; all your orders will automatically appear in the Spocket app. Once a purchase is made, your customer’s details will automatically be sent to the supplier. Spocket also allows businesses to purchase from sellers closest to them, reducing shipping times and costs.