8 Best Fast Checkout Plugins to use for your Shopify store in 2021

Online shopping is a significant source of income for businesses worldwide. Maintaining a user-friendly, efficient ordering system can impact customer retention and the frequency of purchases. Several key factors can influence your e-commerce store’s success, including shopping cart functionality, variable payment methods, and one-click checkout capabilities. In any online retail store, abandoned carts can indicate technical issues with your website and a pattern in consumer behavior. Customers may abandon their shopping cart for several reasons, including unexpected shipping costs, unsuccessful coupons, or a lack of intention to complete a purchase. Occasionally, shopping carts also serve to bookmark items for future purchases and result in a temporarily abandoned cart. First and foremost, online stores with complex checkout systems are more likely to see abandoned carts or failed conversions. Knowing how to structure your Shopify site for faster checkout procedures can make online purchases easier for customers and result in fewer abandoned carts.

What are the vital elements for fast e-commerce checkout?

Online retail stores should feature user-friendly checkout systems, which means implementing a buy now or add to cart button, a cart page, and fast checkout. For a successful and accessible e-commerce store, online payments should be possible with multiple payment methods, including standard credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal accounts. The ability to retrieve an abandoned cart shortly after leaving it behind can also impact the number of conversions your online store tracks. Using specific Shopify plugins can expedite and improve upon the purchasing process.

Shopify checkout plugins to speed up online checkout

There are several plugins available to add to your Shopify theme that will increase efficiency for your consumers.

Fast Checkout In One Click

Fast checkout in one click screenshot
Fast Checkout In One Click is an easy-install plugin that is compatible with most Shopify themes and serves customers by skipping the cart page and proceeding right to checkout. If customers wish to review their cart, an optional cart page popup window appears after clicking the buy now button on any item. The plugin also features a customizable, animated buy now button to draw a shopper’s attention and encourage them to make a faster decision about their purchase.

One-Click Checkout

The One-Click Checkout plugin provides customers an opportunity to review their cart in a popup window before promptly directing them to checkout. This popup has full functionality, including increasing or decreasing item quantities and removing items from the cart. You can also select between a buy now button, add to cart button, or both for visitor convenience. This plugin gives customers a choice to proceed with a standard checkout option or skip straight to fast checkout.

Instant Checkout – Buy Button

Instant checkout screenshot Instead of viewing the cart page, Instant Checkout – Buy button sends customers directly to checkout. This is a one-click install plugin that automatically adds a customizable buy now button to product pages and features optional animation effects. It is compatible with product infinite and custom options and is compatible with ReCharge gateway Subscriptions.

OnePress Fast Checkout

The OnePress Fast Checkout plugin allows users to expedite the checkout process by filling in the customer’s information for them. Leveraging pre-fill checkout forms and smart social sign-ins from platforms like Google and Facebook, the plugin automatically detects when a customer’s data is easily accessible and prompts them to allow access to your e-commerce store. Another feature of this plugin is automated cart abandonment recovery emails, made easier by the social sign-ins that provide users’ email addresses.

Skip To Checkout

Skip to checkout screenshot With the Skip to Checkout plugin, you can select which products will automatically avoid the cart page and instead take users straight to checkout. This feature does not remove the cart page but rather skips over it when indicated by the product selection. While the cart will still be available to review at checkout, this will encourage consumers to make a decisive and efficient purchase.

Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart

This customizable, easy-install plugin utilizes animated buttons, cart popups, and product reactions to engage and entice consumers worldwide. Skip Cart w/Sticky Add To Cart is available in all languages and capable of converting any currency, this plugin provides additional opportunities to interact with consumers on a global scale. Additionally, its built-in upsell popup can help promote similar products and offer unique discounts to increase the chances of a successful conversion.

Instant Buy

Instant Buy plugin screenshot In addition to sticky add to cart buttons and one-click checkout, Instant Buy enabled e-commerce shop owners to add their Facebook Pixel ID and Pinterest Tag ID into the add to cart button to bring back users with abandoned carts.

Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart

Sticky cart fly cart plugin screenshot
Fast Checkout In One Click
The eye-catching Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart plugin captures the attention of shoppers with an animated cart icon and quick redirection to checkout. With its sticky add to cart bar, customers are always within reach of a button that can add the product to their cart. Depending on the Shopify theme and desired user experience, shop owners can also select from a sticky add to cart button and a sticky add to cart product drawer. Ensuring that your customers have a user-friendly experience can make or break the likelihood of repeat shoppers. Enabling a fast checkout system and encouraging them to buy their products without reviewing their cart can help decrease abandoned carts and increase conversions. Using a Shopify plugin to manage the purchasing process can significantly benefit the user experience and sales success rate. If you need suggestions about website development, we are more than happy to help. And if you think we forgot to mention other fast checkout plugins, make sure to add on the comment section below.