Commercial Photography

In commercial photography, businesses create high-quality images of their products and services to promote, market, and sell them. It is a form of advertising photography. It is easy to understand why commercial photography is one of the most influential parts of a business since it closely relates to sales or running a successful company.

Despite the fact that you may have heard the term commercial photography used often, you may not be very familiar with what it means or even how you can get into this field. As you may already know, commercial photography generally refers to the process of selling products or running a business, and you will also be expecting the same thing from this genre of photography.

What Is Commercial Photography

Commercial photography aims to create high-quality images of products and services to promote, market, and sell the products and services of the company. For instance, you could photograph fashion models wearing designer gear for an advertisement, photograph someone using a computer to sell a service, or photograph anything else that may appear on a business website, promotional literature, or an advertisement.

The term ‘advertising photography’ refers to a specific kind of photography. It understands why commercial photography is considered one of the most influential aspects of any business regarding sales or running a successful company. It’s time to look at some of the types of assignments you might pick up now that we know how broad the definition of commercial photography can be. There is no doubt that commercial photography is one of the fastest-growing genres of photography today.


Among the various categories of Commercial Photography, there are, but are not limited to, the following:


There is a particular genre of photography that involves images that are used for advertising a product or service. Examples include images used in billboards, posters, magazine pages, online advertisements, product catalogs, etc.

Product Photography

E-commerce websites are becoming popular. Brands and ordinary people hire photographers to capture professional photos for product listings. Product photography is one of the most challenging niches in this industry. To do better in product photography, you must know about lighting and its uses.

Food Photography

The majority of my clients are restaurants that require food photography. They hire professional photographers to take pictures of their food to increase sales. When framing and angles, you need to be creative in this type of photography.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography has a purpose: to show creative architectural work or properties so that a sale can be made. Companies and brands hire photographers to attract customers and convince them to buy their products to increase sales.

Commercial Headshots

Headshots are always in demand. Clients pay you to look good in pictures. Good looks and style are critical factors for commercial headshots. Gather knowledge about styling to build a career in this section.

What Was the First Commercial Photography Process?

One of the earliest commercially available photographic processes was daguerreotypes. It is important to note that daguerreotypes were not the first to produce a fixed image that was commercially viable, as other processes existed. Some of the chemicals used in these experiments were hazardous to humans, and some of the procedures were cumbersome and complicated. Still, they were consistently duplicated and did not require a substantial investment.

With the advent of modern photography, simpler setups and less hazardous chemicals were introduced into the field. Printing on photo paper was almost as easy as printing on inkjet paper today, and the printing process was almost the same. A new phase in the history of photography was initiated in the 1990s with the introduction of some of the first commercially viable cameras.

Despite this, this process was unique because it produced ‘positive’ prints instead of negatives, meaning they could be viewed without the need for a negative to be projected in a camera obscura. There is no doubt that this made it immensely popular with both amateur and professional photographers.

Commercial Photography Examples can include:

  • Billboards are substantial advertisement structures often found along busy roads.
  • Travel pamphlets constitute images of a location that convinces your viewer to consider it an ideal picnic spot.
  • Product Packaging: this photography involves photographing a product at its best with a splendid setup.

Commercial Video Production

Video commercial production specializes in the development of commercial videos that are used to present advertisements and public relations materials in a professional manner. There are many commercial video production services that offer a wide range of services relevant to accelerating digital campaigns, including planning, shooting, and editing content that is intended to help deliver the message to the intended audience.

Commercial Photography Services

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Areas of Specialty:

  • Product & Commercial Still Life Photography
  • Commercial Portraiture & Corporate Headshots
  • Editorial Assignment Photography
  • Advertising & Corporate Photography

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