Email Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing, it’s almost impossible to establish a quality campaign without email marketing. Today, nearly everyone has an email address. Therefore, reaching people via this channel is a quick and inexpensive way to target your desired audience and give them a call to action. 

Email marketing also allows you to keep in touch with your customers consistently and establish brand authority by sending them relevant advertising based on the user’s information. Every email doesn’t have to sell something, and in fact, you mustn’t bombard your customers, continually trying to get them to buy. A simple “happy birthday” message or a “thank you” email can be a great way to communicate without expecting anything in return.  

Boost Sales

One desired result of an email marketing campaign could be to boost sales. Most online retailers require an individual to give them an email address to purchase their product or service. Once you have their information, and they have opted to receive further communication from you, you can retarget these past customers with special offers or upcoming sales to entice them to buy from you again.

It is now easy to send relevant emails based on preferences and user behaviors you gathered from their previous purchases. Email marketing allows you to segment your past customers based on their order history and send them information based on what they previously bought. 

For example, if an individual purchased a grill from your store, it makes sense to follow up with emails regarding grill equipment or patio accessories because this merchandise is in line with their past purchase. An example of a segment of like customers could be a group of people who bought outdoor equipment for the summer. Your company then might choose to send this group targeted emails about products that will further help them enjoy their backyard in the warm weather. 

Important Metrics 

One factor digital marketers use to gauge the success of an email marketing campaign is to access the open rate. The open rate is the percentage of individuals who opened the email. Another important metric is the click-through rate. This is the percentage of people who clicked through the link on the email to your website. An average click-through rate across all industries is 7%. 

Arguably the most critical metric for an email campaign is conversion. This metric is the percentage of people who respond to your call to action. This call to action could be a sales pitch but can also be a survey your company wants to be filled out or a satisfied customer social media post to boost brand recognition. Whatever goal you had with your email campaign, the conversion rate lets you know the percentage of people who were influenced enough by the email to respond to your call to action. 

Predictive analysis uses historical data from a past marketing campaign to capture trends and therefore predict future behavior. It is an excellent tool for email marketers to use because it can guide them in their future decision making, especially when it comes to planning campaigns. If a specific email generated an excellent conversion rate around a particular month or with a particular segment of customers, marketers could then predict future conversion rates with similar kinds of emails. Predictive analysis allows companies to forecast sales and, therefore, budget better for future marketing campaigns.  

Establish Authority

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to demonstrate your expertise on a specific subject in any industry. For example, if you run a lawn care business, it could be a smart idea to send emails regularly with advice you believe could benefit your customers. 

For example, giving your customer base advice on keeping their grass green through the winter or fertilizing their soil in the spring shows your clients you care about their lawn even when they aren’t paying you directly for this information. This free information produces a more mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers because they feel like they are getting something from you in return for patronizing your business.

Overall, email marketing is an easy and affordable way to boost sales, show authority in your industry, and build strong relationships with your customer base. Almost every adult checks their email daily, so, if done right, a quality email marketing campaign has the potential to expand your business exponentially.