Tips for Successful Event Marketing

If you plan on having a successful marketing event, then it will take a bit of strategizing. Consider sending out notifications when people are a little more relaxed and have the time to sit down and consider what you are trying to offer. Start sending out information at least three months in advance to ensure that everyone has time to save your event on their calendar.

How to gain traction and get noticed

  • Allow ample time to plan and get the word out about your event
  • Utilize multiple advertising outlets such as social media and podcasts
  • Use a strategy such as integrated marketing
  • Create a website
  • Show the public who you are with pictures and biographies
  • Introduce who will be speaking at your event and discuss their successes
  • Emails are essential if you want to get the word out and provide people with updates
  • Send the information out over the weekend instead of a busy work week


A website that has been created specifically for your event will allow you to introduce speakers to guests so they can decide if what you are offering is beneficial to their lives. Pictures and biographies of guest speakers help to prepare your audience before the event. Sharing what guest speakers have to offer often helps create a sense of connection and trust between the audience and speakers.

How Social Media Can Help Your Event

Creating a great flow of advertisement and traffic before your event

  • Social media promotion is free and can increase who sees you are offering an event
  • You can easily monitor who is looking at your posts and add or alter content that is effective in grabbing your audience’s attention
  • Start a trend with hashtags
  • Search out an audience that is suitable for your event
  • Tweet often and follow potential guests to get their attention
  • Focus on multiple social media platforms
  • Pictures and videos are captivating
  • Offer a promotion that will entice speakers to help get the word out

When you use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can easily spread the word about your marketing event. If you have not created a website for your event, then you may want to create one and use your social media outlets to redirect people to your page. The idea is to get people’s attention on social media and then direct them to your page so you can discuss your goal in greater detail.

marketers using a white board

Another helpful tip is to reward speakers for their efforts in helping you get the word out. You will want to give each speaker a different code to share with their contacts so you can easily see who was successful in their efforts. Incentives such as referral bonuses are a great way to get speakers on board with helping you get the word out.

It is helpful to remember that many people do not have time to sit down and read articles or lengthy emails. Therefore, utilize the simplicity of a hashtag. Just remember to keep it short and catchy, so people will understand what your goal is. If you are not piquing the public’s interest, then consider the current trends that are visible online and tweak your message to follow suit with what works.

The Value of Video Promotion

A short video is a great way to catch the attention of your preferred audience. Just remember that you only have a few seconds to capture their interest to ensure that they will to the end. If you opt to present a video, then remember to put the most important information early in the video to ensure that people will get your message even if they do not watch the video in its entirety. 

Planning a successful event can be challenging, but you can overcome obstacles by allowing yourself plenty of time to plan and advertise your event. If you have too many tasks at hand, then consider constructing a resourceful team that can help you monitor, update, and tackle obstacles that may arise. If you want to get the word out, then consider a pre-event that will allow you to get up and personal with sponsors, speakers, and news outlets to ensure that you are seen and heard by the public.