Video Editing Tips to Help Your Video Marketing Stand Out

You’ve probably seen some poorly done car dealer commercials, so you can recognize a low-quality video. Besides losing credibility, this shows your customers they aren’t worth the money for better quality. If the video content doesn’t meet their expectations, they will quickly click away. The standard definition will not captivate them for over ten seconds. 

Although the video quality is more critical for long-form content than short ads, even watching a 1-2 minute piece of low-quality material is unpleasant. In contrast, releasing a video in HD without using appropriate compression software will increase loading time and buffering.

An attractive video can increase your brand’s appeal. If you create a visually pleasing video, viewers subconsciously perceive your company and brand to have more success. You’re more likely to keep their attention throughout the segment, ensuring they hear the entire message.

Here Are Five Tips To Make Your Video Marketing Efforts Even More Successful

The last thing you want is to spend time and money creating a video that no one watches. Whatever your level of expertise in video marketing, we will help you get started. Below you will find some tips to make sure your marketing videos grab attention, promote brand awareness, and engage customers.

1. Give Your Video’s First 10 Seconds All The Attention It Deserves

Over one-half of your viewers click away from a video within 10 seconds. So video experts advise making short, to-the-point videos. Our recommendation? Manage expectations immediately within the first five to ten seconds by getting right to the meat of the story.

Ask questions and use teasers to pique the interest of your audience right away. To engage your audience, tell them why they should watch your video as soon as possible.  It is crucial to prove the answer to the question of “why should I watch this?”. Do they watch it to laugh, to get inspired, to act, or to learn? Your video should answer the viewer quickly.

2. Make Video User Experience (UX) A Top Priority 

The essential thing to remember about designing video marketing content is to consider the user’s experience. A few things to keep in mind:

Turn it off the auto-play feature – Most video platforms automatically play videos, which can annoy viewers. Instead, allow users to choose when videos play.

Provide low-bandwidth options – Give viewers with slow connections the option to view your video as a compressed version or skip the video altogether.

Resize videos for mobile – Just as you resize page content for mobile devices, do the same with videos. Make sure your videos respond to the user’s display. It is vital to respect screen real estate when creating video content. Avoid interrupting a user’s video viewing experience with pop-ups or ads that take up important screen real estate.

If you would like to know if your videos are being viewed, the standard conversion rate optimization techniques such as A/B Testing can test this. Having this information handy will assist you in making more informed decisions about where to invest and prioritize your video efforts.

Video camera

Keep in mind most people watch online videos to be entertained, learn something, or sometimes both. Your users will thank you if you follow this rule.

3. Tell A Story, Not A Sales Pitch, In Your Video

There is a lot of sales clutter on the Internet that actively annoys and repels your customers. You don’t want to be such a brand; instead, make your videos more about the story, not the sale. Video content marketing follows the same rules as written content marketing: Focus on what you’re giving your customers. Take advantage of the video’s expressive power to appeal to your customers’ deepest desires and needs.

Don’t worry about losing leads with storytelling. You can always add a call to action at the end of your video, along with a tracked link. But ensure it fits into the overall storyline. 

4. Make Your Video SEO-Friendly by Adding Tags

To make your videos more visible in search engines, you can use several strategies.

  • Before uploading your video to any sharing site, you need to host it on your domain so you can get the most SEO value out of it.
  • Embedding your videos is also crucial since this will help you receive more inbound marketing links.
  • Oh, and video sitemaps are essential too. Google explains how to create them in this handy guide.
  • Descriptions are essential for optimizing videos for SEO. Why? Because descriptions help Google’s search spiders understand what your video is about and index it correctly.
  • Ensure you tag your videos with relevant keywords and fully explain with detailed descriptions and unique titles.

5. Use Video to Educate Your Customers and Show Yourself

Did you know 65% of your audience are visual learners? Educating your audience is one of the most effective video marketing strategies, and education comes in many forms.

For instance, you can show how to use your product or service to your clients and provide them tips on using it to its full potential. Using webinars is another smart way to show:

  • Your expertise,
  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Provide value to your consumers
  • Collect leads

Video can also add social proof to your product, and campaigns that include video see conversion rates increase by 34%. In telling your customers’ stories, focus on their results after using your service or product. You can use this handy question template from CopyBlogger to create text and video testimonials that are human-centered.

The Right Video Can Create A Massive Social Following And Crazy Conversation Rates 

Always remember the purpose of the video is to inspire a sale, follow, subscribe, or share. Therefore, the request should be clear and easy for viewers to understand. Unless you ask – and make it easy to do so – you might not receive it. That’s what your video efforts are all about.

In addition, try to understand your target audience’s desires. People want to laugh, feel informed, and escape their routine 9-to-5 jobs to forget their troubles. At East End Yovth, we can help you capture all these in your videos and reap the benefits your business deserves.