What is Clubhouse and Why Should I Pay Attention to It?

Clubhouse is the latest social networking app that allows users to gather in rooms, private or public, and hold discussions or present content with a limited panel. It is a virtual space intended for self-improvement and networking as it connects professionals, experts, and even celebrities to users around the world.

If you are in the process of constructing a channel marketing strategy or are actively engaging in social media management, Clubhouse may be the next tool in your branding kit. At East End Yovth, the top social media marketing agency in NYC, we recognize the power of a well-established marketing plan that incorporates the latest online platforms.

The History Behind the Innovation

Clubhouse was launched in the spring of 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. While their prototype functioned similarly to a podcasting application, their subsequent development promoted audience participation and management. Developed by Alpha Exploration Co., this platform allows users to gather in rooms to host audio-only events, discussions, performances, coaching, conference-style meetings, and more. Participants can simply listen in or raise their hand to request an opportunity to contribute.

By promoting the use of audio rather than videos, text, or photos, participants are encouraged to focus on the depth of conversation rather than feel overstimulated by additional visual imagery. Additionally, participants are free from the pressure of turning on their cameras and can sit back and enjoy the discussion as though listening to a podcast. Audience members can enjoy the content that extends beyond casual conversations by entering rooms that exist specifically for:

  • Live musical performances
  • Investment strategies
  • Networking
  • Storytelling
  • Cultural immersion sessions
  • Identity development
  • Political debates
  • Foreign language learning
  • Sermons
  • And more

Clubhouse provides a full scope of subject matters that target the interests of each user.

Who Uses Clubhouse?

This new social media platform is currently invitation-only and therefore maintains a sense of exclusivity and prestige to users worldwide. Unlike other social media applications, new users can’t simply download the mobile app and create an account. Existing users are instead issued a certain number of invitations which they can use to invite certain people on their friend list. While the earliest members were Silicon Valley venture capitalists and celebrities, the app invitations have trickled down to the everyday smartphone user.

The demographics of Clubhouse are widespread, from professionals and well-known influencers to educators and small business owners. Therefore, users on the app may find themselves unexpectedly sharing a space with people like Elon Musk, Drake, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Oprah. Clubhouse provides a unique and diverse platform for engaging with audiences of all interests and certain levels of fame.

Marketing Made Easy

There are several ways to use Clubhouse in a channel marketing strategy or as part of your social media management plan, but the simplest method is by simply being present. Participating in a conversation or contributing thoughts to a panel discussion will inspire users to click your photo and learn more about who you are.

Taking the time to develop a functional and detailed bio on Clubhouse will help users connect with you and your business without putting in much additional effort. Using Clubhouse to connect with audiences doesn’t have to be more complex than simply enjoying the accessibility of what the platform has to offer.

Catering Your Content to Clubhouse

Due to the exclusivity of Clubhouse as a virtual platform, brands have an opportunity to take the lead on utilizing the app to develop innovative tools for consumer engagement and establish effective channel marketing strategies. Entering rooms dedicated to values that speak to your brand or mission can help connect audiences to your products.

Additionally, Clubhouse can be used to host impromptu focus groups or generate conversations about a particular product or idea. Building a strategy around providing a service to users on Clubhouse that further connects them with your brand is all the more accessible as the platform begins to take off.

Social media marketing is an efficient and strategic way to reach mass audiences with a brand or product. As a new platform, Clubhouse presents a unique opportunity for brands to get their foot in the door before the app becomes readily available for public use. Now is the time to establish you and your brand on Clubhouse and begin establishing a connection with users.