East End Yovth is a Tribeca-based Digital and Creative Marketing Agency, with significant roots in lower Manhattan. Both the owners, Kevin Poirier and Sam Norval, live within walking distance of the Leonard Street office and have so for over two decades. Having lived here through major events such as the World Trade Center attacks, the Blackout, Superstorm Sandy, and now the Covid-19 pandemic, we have witnessed first-hand the fighting spirit, community support, and perseverance of New Yorkers. Over the course of the last year, we witnessed our neighboring business owners being hit incredibly hard while holding onto their dreams with all they have. We decided to get involved by giving back to the community and the city that has given us so much. Our aim was to do our small part in rebuilding lower Manhattan businesses the way we know best. We began to reach out to local, small businesses to offer digital and creative services at no charge. We feel that making a difference, albeit small, is the appropriate thing to do as a New Yorker!

Rice Kitchen - 204 Spring Street

Rice Kitchen is a compact establishment offering traditional Korean bites & set dinners. They offer Kimbap, Tofu bites, and bowls! The owner, Lee immigrated from Korea with the dream to open in early 2020, before the pandemic struck. The many positive reviews across multiple platforms is a testament to the dedication to delicious food and great service this brand new eatery has established with its customers.

Church Street Boxing - 25 Park Place

Established in 1997, Church Street Boxing is the largest fight club and boxing gym in New York City. Church Street Boxing, has been dedicated to creating a strong community that balances the elements of an authentic fighting gym and a welcoming environment with a true sense of camaraderie.

Gelso & Grand - 186 Grand Street

Gelso & Grand is situated at the iconic corner of Mulberry & Grand Street. The inviting and informal seating plan of the indoor, outdoor and private dining room boasts the marriage of modern and classic New York dining with esteemed consulting chef Akhtar Nawab (La Esquina, CraftBar, Indie Fresh) at the helm of this inviting culinary experience. Gelso is the Italian word meaning Mulberry. Owner Nima Garos has grown up on Mulberry street and lived on the street his entire life.