With over 1700 tailors in the New York City metro area, setting yourself apart in this crowded and dwindling marketplace by attracting a sophisticated client base and keeping them coming back repeatedly presents many challenges.


Curating, installing and launching the art show Deconstruction, an array of mixed medium artworks, that explores the iconic imagery of New York City street life and architecture to convey an impressionistic experience of urban movement.

The seamless integration into the layout of the store and core branding allowed for the amplification of the environment without distracting from it.

Inviting past, current and potential new clients to the launch event of the exhibition, allowed Acustom Apparel’s owners and staff to offer not only an experience, but a lifestyle, and the opportunity to become a member of their fraternity. It was a gathering to indicate that they are more that just tailors, that this was a space to be comfortable in, to share your interests, and to mingle with clientele that range from district attorneys and politicians, to philanthropists and entrepreneurs.

Acustom Apparel invite


The launch was so well attended and generated such conversational centerpieces, that Acustom Apparel began having monthly invite only events in the store. The following quarter, the increased walk-in traffic was visibly noticeable and the resulting increase in sales were 18% over the previous annum.