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At the foundation of every marketing strategy should be a strong, functional digital platform. A business website is essentially a 24 hr salesperson. Having a great product or service that people want should lead to online visibility, right? Wrong. Your online visibility is a bi-product of having strong SEO and ultimately domain authority. If your site is not optimized and has low authority the chances of showing up in an online search are very low. If you use Google to search for an “SEO agency near me”, the list of results are undoubtedly descending based on the level of authority the search engines assign. At East End Yovth, we will perform an in-depth site audit of your website. Based on your aligned goals and thorough competitor analysis, our team will provide a customized, comprehensive SEO marketing plan.

What is seo and why is it so lucrative?

Organic traffic to a website from Google, Bing, or Yahoo means that the user was searching for a product or service, and the respective search engine identified your website as a resource or result for the specific search, therefore this lead funnel is composed of highly qualified opportunities. A strong SEO marketing plan includes a culmination of numerous, consistent efforts focused on the websites’ structure, performance, relevance, review, and reach. All of these efforts combined with growing user traffic contribute to the website’s overall authority.

Website Authority is earned in numerous ways. At the root of all the leading drivers of authority is one thing above all, which is the user experience. Some basic questions to ask if trying to determine whether you have the framework for a highly authoritative website;

  • Does your mobile version fully load in under 3 seconds?
  • Is your backend structured with the appropriate URL, Title, Heading and Metadata?
  • Are your products or services represented, easy to navigate to?
  • Does the website have strong, informative product and/or service descriptions?
  • Do you have a lot of positive online reviews?
  • Are there any other websites that reference or link to your website?

SEO is a campaign, in part, to improve and perpetuate the most optimal user experience possible. We aim to improve the speed in which information is provided, the ease in which it is found throughout the website as well as providing relative and extensive amounts of the information being sought out. These are all focus points for both on-page and backend efforts of the SEO marketing plan.

Our Process






Optimized Content

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How can you gain Organic SEO traffic? During our discovery process at East End Yovth, we will identify the keywords your site is already ranking for and then we make a list of the keywords you want to rank for. We spend time conducting keyword research to determine the best opportunity for success according to your competitors and the target audience. By building traction using key search terms and informational content answering potential questions related to your business and your services, you can gain authority from the search engines and place your business in front of potential customers.

Our talented team of writers will produce highly optimized content for your website. We do this in the form of writing blog articles and filling the pages with relevant content and key terms related to your services. Having your site ranking high on organic search results will influence your audience and the reputation of your business.


We will be sure to identify any optimizations, improvements, or updates on the website’s backend like improving page speed as well as repairing broken internal and external links. By fixing these errors, makes it easier for the search engine to crawl your website which increases your rankings. We will improve the overall performance by optimizing the code. Our backend developers have full-stack capabilities and can rebuild and optimize all programming languages.

SEO is all about building visibility, aka being a top result in online search queries. We will analyze your back end to determine where there are opportunities for improvement in the site structure. We will optimize your internal linking structure, URL, title tags, headers, meta descriptions, and content. By adding location pages to your website, and creating local content you will appeal to a local audience. To ensure its success, an SEO marketing plan must focus on a long-term plan with a growth-oriented approach.

Local SEO

Off Page

Nearly two-thirds of all internet users consider an online review to be the most trustworthy source of information about companies and people. We will be sure to help you manage your online reputation so that your services are referenced with a strong, positive lens on your Google My Business and Bing Local pages.

Keeping track of all of the listings for your business can be tough, especially since it isn’t exclusively on Google anymore. You could easily miss leads because your contact information needs to be updated or if you have the wrong hours listed. We can claim, manage, update, and build your business listings, keeping them up to date which will improve your searchability.

Building backlinks with trustworthy websites and high authority domains will help you to increase Google’s rankings as it shows authority. At East End Yovth, our SEO services include our expertise in effectively building these critical site-to-site references.

How long does it take to be successful using SEO? It is possible to see organic traffic increases within the first three months of optimization. Our Monthly SEO reports include a detailed overview of monthly tasks completed and a comparative month by month view of your Google Analytics traffic. We will also provide a summary of goal conversion as well as newly acquired backlinks.

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/ #1 Ranking for Keyword – Dermatologist

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