Branding Agency in NYC

East End Yovth specializes in creating a cohesive branding experience by offering you brand packages that are captivating, strategic, aesthetically appealing & unique. Our branding agency provides a competitive edge for our clients by choosing a voice that captures the targeted market’s attention.

Our work successfully:

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Inspires your audience to believe in your vision
  • Builds consumer loyalty
  • Makes a lasting impression
  • Encourages your team to value the brand

Our branding agency goes beyond simple logo design. We use consumer brand marketing research tools that guide our team on what strategy to implement to ensure optimal conversion rates. We choose the best color palette, logo design, typography, graphics & motion effects to tell your brand’s story. We combine these elements rooted in extensive research to authentically impact your customers and increase your return on investment (ROI).

“86% of consumers believe authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.” –Stackla

East End Yovth provides you with a proven branding process. Our experienced corporate branding experts will take you through a step-by-step brand discovery process where we:

  • Listen to your ideas
  • Analyze the competition
  • Develop a practical brand strategy
  • Position your brand for success
  • Create exceptional visual products

Our designers work with our strategic marketers to give you market-oriented results that support your branding goals. We apply similar standards to new and established brands to create a lasting and measurable impact.

Our high standards make us one of the top branding agencies in New York. We help struggling brands address past challenges and insufficiencies that prevented them from having a good ROI using our research tools. We work on their current logo and take it through several rounds of logo creations until we get the ideal logo concept.  Our work speaks for itself, as we have done influencer and corporate branding that significantly increased our clients’ ROI. We understood the nuances of our client’s business and crafted it into a message that set them apart from their competitors.
Brand Identity
Brand Design


Brand identity comprises your story, your company’s values, how you communicate your product & how you want people to feel when using it. In essence, your brand identity is the personality of your business & the promise you make to your customers. Having an identity gives your branding more authority in the marketplace and helps develop credibility among customers & competitors.

East End Yovth incorporates both image & video marketing services to help build a superior brand identity. We know that consumer attention span is limited, the market is flooded with aggressive startups, sub-brands & established businesses trying to make a name for themselves.

As a video marketing agency, we understand that a distinctive brand identity is the only way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowded market. Our brand identity also assists you to build equity, gain fans and linger in the minds of your audience.

According to a recent study on branding, developing a brand identity should be a top priority for businesses because 59% of customers prefer to buy from familiar brands, 33% of customers go to the store to look for a familiar brand & 77% of customers describe products by their brand names. East End Yovth helps you create a brand identity that mirrors these statistics. 


A brand identity combines tangible & intangible elements a company uses to create its business personality. It also shapes & molds the impact your services and products leave on your customers. These elements that East End Yovth combines to give you an influential brand identity include:

  • Logo: We create a visual brand mark with symbols and letters that generally show what your company does.
  • Values: We bring out your core beliefs and excellent business practices to your audience, if possible, on your logo or using our other marketing services.


  • Mission: Our strategic marketers incorporate the fundamental purpose of your business in your brand identity.
  • Design:
    Our branding design team uses their expertise to create an exquisite design that merges well with the other elements.
  • Voice and vocabulary: As a branding company, we choose the right voice and words to ensure we capture your audience’s attention and keep it.
  • Customers perception: We combine all elements plus the research data we collect to influence your audience to perceive your company precisely as you requested.

These elements are challenging to define clearly to create a brand identity without professional help. Our branding experts will take you through defining your unique points, which will help them develop your brand identity. We ask our phenomenal clients questions such as:

  • What kind of personality would you want your brand to have if it were a person?
  • How would you want your brand to communicate if it were a person?
  • How do you want to differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • Why did you start your business?
  • What do you do better than the other companies?
  • What makes you special to your customers?
  • How would you describe your brand in three words?

Once we gather this information, we create a spectacular brand identity design that best represents your company.


A brand identity design involves creating a company’s identity using a color palette, logo, typography, and compelling message. A company uses a brand identity design to communicate clearly to the target audience. It employs a creative strategy to ensure a positive and memorable brand experience both online and offline.

A company’s brand identity design should consistently deliver an excellent brand profile to achieve optimal results. Sir Richard Branson best describes it:

“Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual reinvention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.”

East End Yovth understands the role a brand identity design plays in helping you achieve maximum impact and grow your business’s profitability. Every design we create is relatable, unique & memorable. We have successfully applied this strategy with businesses including Colgate, Men’s Health, Puma & CBS. 

Our branding design team creates robust brand identity designs resulting in an increase in conversions and lead generation on your website. The added advantage of a unique brand identity design will build your professional image and help you succeed in a competitive market.

We implement a well-planned and compelling brand identity design strategy as follows:

  • We have a meeting with the client to gather all the information needed to represent the company accurately.
  • We conduct thorough market research by talking to prospective customers, using online survey tools, and gathering statistics from government resources and/or reliable organizations.
  • We compare the client’s brand personality with the brand marketing research information gathered. We adjust accordingly in consultation with the client.
  • We create the client’s brand identity by incorporating their preferred symbols, logo, colors, typography & text.
  • We send the first draft to the client after creating a memorable logo using an attractive color palette, professional typography (ideal for corporate branding) & additional graphics.

Our creative branding team also reevaluates and redesigns pre-existing brand identity designs that lack a strong, authentic & appealing effect on a client’s products or services. Our branding and positioning ensure we give a company a new brand identity that grows to produce tangible results.


Brand messaging helps a company communicate with its target audience through its products, services and verbal & non-verbal communication. East End Yovth understands the importance of brand messaging and we ensure we gather all the vital information we need to create an outstanding brand message.

We curve out the unique qualities of your business, we showcase what makes you unique to your competitors & we highlight the promise you make to the consumers. Our brand marketers strive to help you express your vision, mission & goal in your brand message using the correct voice.

We work on clients’ previous brand messages that didn’t help them penetrate the market, failed to convey their value proposition or poorly expressed how different they are from other brands. We help these clients tie together their product and the message they want to convey and align everything to create a spectacular brand message.

In addition, we help new clients create the initial persuasive branding message that inspires their audience to learn more about their products. We do not stop there; we also conduct an ongoing brand messaging campaign where we continually impress your brand message to your audience on the website, with ad copy and/or through social media content.

Our strategic marketers help you maintain an ongoing brand messaging. This strategy continues to add feeling, recognition & good emotions that produce a positive perception of your company to your customers. Other essential opportunities you stand to gain from continuously promoting your brand message are:

  • Help create loyal customers who are proud to be identified with your brand
  • Generate better leads & higher returns on investments
  • Give you opportunities for growing your visibility, revenue & impact
  • Bring about partnerships with like-minded people who want to give the same target audience an excellent experience

East End Yovth understands how vital brand messaging is to your business success; we will help you come up with a brand messaging framework that achieves your goal efficiently.

Marketing Colors

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Pablo Picasso

At East End Yovth, we understand how powerful colors evoke a strong emotional connection with your customers. Colors drive the customers’ decision-making on whether to buy a particular brand or not. Research has consistently proven that consumers’ feeling about a brand carries more weight than what they think about it & color plays a crucial role in those feelings.

Our design team chooses the colors that rhyme with your brand personality. We are open to working with any combination, from vibrant or muted to colorful or monochrome. We ensure your brand colors positively impact your sales and performance both internally with your team & externally with your customers.

Furthermore, repetition of your branding colors strengthens brand awareness. We help you creatively incorporate your branding colors on your:

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Ad copy
  • Social media platforms
  • Videos
  • Images

We help our clients pick a blend of two to three colors they can use to transform their brand identity. We discuss the meaning of colors & how they relate to the client’s overall branding. Here is a sample table showing what the popular colors represent.

Brand ColorEmotion It Evokes
RedLove, passion, warning, anger 
BlueHonesty, loyalty, peace, sadness
YellowHappiness, hope, joy, harmony
OrangeEnergy, positivity, excitement, pride
PurpleRoyalty, luxury, bravery, wisdom
GreenNature, growth, stability, affluence
BlackElegance, sophistication, power, confidence
WhitePurity, cleanliness, innocence, peace
GrayFlexibility, conservative, elegant, intellect
BrownDependable, stable, safe, resilience

East End Yovth combines colors depending on the style and design of your logo & typography. We ensure they blend well to form a deeper connection and draw your audience to your brand.

Custom Logo Design

Your company logo is the face of your business. A memorable logo is critical & used as the primary visual reference point for your branding. It should reflect what you wish to communicate and who you are as a brand. The logo will be a prominent visual representation across multiple platforms for digital & print collateral and needs to be universally applicable.

East End Yovth designs your logo with your ideas in mind. We also consider the research data & tailor the logo to suit the market’s demand, which promises to have a significant impact. We ensure your logo offers the following:

  • Simple, clean, uncluttered & visually appealing design
  • Distinctly communicate your brand personality
  • It is timeless & rarely goes out of style
  • Produces a lasting impression
  • Blends with the industry’s standards 
  • It is created in multiple formats
Our design team translates the client’s ideas into a practical branding design by combining shapes, colors, graphics & typography to make a spectacular logo. There are five main types of branding design aesthetics a client can choose from:

Visual Branding

“A picture is worth a thousand words” best describes the kind of visual branding a competent design team should create. Visual branding is a collection of elements that attract customers and investors to your business. These elements are color palette, typography, imagery & logo.

With excellent brand designers and top-notch marketing services, visual branding captures an audience’s attention, allows the message to linger in their minds & influences their decisions when making a purchase. A business that wants to make a first impression should utilize visual branding to communicate its brand personality at a glance.

Visual branding is a vital proponent in a company’s success; it assists your potential customers to learn more about your business and simplifies complex dynamics with simple visual cues. Visual branding helps consumers know:

  • Where your business fits in their life
  • What makes your services and products stand out
  • The reward they get from interacting with your products and services

When a customer shops around, they will evaluate your business based on the visual branding they encounter. If your visual brand shows attention to detail, they will expect the same standard when buying your products. If the visual branding conveys confusion or rushed production, they will avoid buying your products.

Our visual designers unite the different elements into one powerful package that offers an unforgettable experience. We will ensure your visual branding represents you accurately to your target audience. For example, we create high-end visuals for premium services and tone down the effects to attract consumers who prefer the basic version. Our creative team adds attention-capturing dimensions to your visual branding using graphic elements such as patterns, textures, linework, icons, formatting, space & shapes. In addition, our imagery consists of original shots & custom graphics that give you a cutting-edge position with your audience. Our talented photographers tell your brand story using props to heighten the effect it has on your customers. Our video marketing services produce the most engaging content. We acquire the services of talented videographers and source the perfect location to shoot. We have experience in top-level productions for company profiles, models, documentaries & television shows. At East End Yovth, we do not underestimate the power of visual branding. We know it can instantly draw customers in and empower your team. We ensure the visual branding you choose serves as a guiding force that keeps you focused on your core values and inspires you to take your company to greater heights.
Why We're One of the Top Branding Agencies
East End Yovth is one of the top branding agencies because we build impactful, attractive, timeless & bold brands that position our clients’ businesses to achieve their goals through strategic branding marketing and superior creative artistry. Our commitment to the branding process is precise, purposeful & exceptional. East End Yovth continues to stand out from other branding agencies by closely working with our clients to define their brand voice and visual dynamics. We know the right questions to ask to uncover the soul of the brand identity and lighten the task of our clients to define their desired brand personality. 
Our passionate and experienced team gathers the highest quality materials and uses advanced techniques to work on the brand, carefully crafting each element to produce a masterpiece. We involve our clients in every step; we ask them to weigh in at critical production points because we know branding is the heart of their business. Our tried, tested & proven branding services include:

Graphic design:

Our sensational branding design team offers a wide range of in-house design and creative services to suit your needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the elements needed to create print, web, and mobile marketing materials. We use the best mediums to create an impactful visual experience to win customers.

Brand production

Our talented videography and photography team produces masterpieces that captivate and heighten the targeted audience’s experience with your product. Our expertise includes fashion, portraits, lifestyle, special events, beauty & products. We produce shoots fit for local, national & international audiences to grow your brand awareness.

Strategic brand marketing

Our strategic marketers conduct research to determine what will work for an upcoming brand. We help you tell the world your story using all media channels. We identify the best approach for the branding technique to use and implement it to achieve your goal and please your customers.

Website design and development

We know that a company’s website forms the foundation of its online presence. Our web developers build attractive & engaging websites also optimized for SEO. We ensure every page bears a similar branding message to give a cohesive experience. The quality websites we have developed make us a top branding agency because we strive to create content that drives engagement, build your brand and convert & retain customers. 

East End Yovth is your one-stop branding agency. Regardless of the services you choose, we will plan, research, create, measure & implement various branding strategies and techniques until we give you a complete branding package covering all your marketing needs. Contact us today and be on your way to owning an awe-inspiring brand.