WebSITE Development Services in New York City

Your website is more than a brochure of your products and services. It should inspire action. While developing your website, East End Yovth focuses on the intended action of the user. The content we provide is easy-to-read and exciting, while our calls to action guide your users to the next stage of their journey — buying a product, making a reservation or appointment, getting a quote and much more.

Creating a website that sets the tone for your brand’s online presence extends your brand’s story. With good custom web design & development, you push the boundaries of a static layout and provide users with an immersive online experience. Good design doesn’t just happen. Our designers swim deep into your industry and brand aesthetic to create a visual identity that reflects your vision.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your new site represents you, your business & your goals. Form follows function at East End Yovth. We begin the entire process by understanding your business goals to design eye-catching, attractive web pages.

We have the right solution for you, whether for custom Internet applications or complex web development services in NYC. We have experienced web developers who use the latest technologies to create appealing websites.

Our developers and project managers work closely every day to keep your interests at the forefront. The User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) teams work closely together to ensure the best practices in user experience are always at the forefront of our development team.

How We Work:
We begin by understanding your brand needs, business goals, and timeline and then work with you to develop an appropriate schedule.
  • Research

    : We craft a custom strategy and design after studying your industry, competitors, and audience.
  • UX/UI

    : Our team develops a wireframe and sitemap for your project. We then define the new website’s essential features, functionalities & structure and use that inspiration for the design.
  • Content Strategy

    : We help your team determine what content is valuable and necessary for your website and where it should be to make the most impact.
  • Design

    : Bringing your website to life is what we do by designing catchy graphics and visual elements

Responsive Website Design Services in NYC

You shouldn’t just focus on desktop search rankings. It is important to present a consistent brand image regardless of the device when designing a responsive website. After all, an online presence is meaningless if it does not provide the target audience with a positive experience.

Using responsive web design, our web development company in NYC configures your website layout to accommodate varying screen sizes.

Ensuring it is adaptable to various devices and resolutions in the future, even as technology advances. The mobile user now expects a consistent viewing experience across all devices. A mobile-friendly website should adapt its format and navigation to meet mobile demands while still appearing familiar to users.

Maintaining the same menu and submenu placements on the website is still necessary. Only responsive web design allows for this flexibility and seamless user experience. To deliver your brand to your customers on their preferred devices, we help:

  • Find out who your mobile target audience is
  • Deliver mobile-friendly content
  • Combine social platforms, websites & apps
As you might read this page on a phone or tablet, our web design company in NYC takes a mobile-first approach to web development!
  • Mobile Responsive

    : Our sites work on any device or screen size, regardless of the device’s capabilities.
  • Mobile eCommerce

    : It doesn’t matter whether your customers are online or offline. Using any device, you sell in a matter of seconds.
  • Mobile SEO

    : By optimizing your site for mobile devices, you ensure visitors who view your site via mobile devices have a great experience.
  • Mobile Speed

    : A staggering 69% of visitors will abandon the mobile site if it can’t load in 3 seconds. The answer to too many of these loading speed problems lies in responsive design and quality hosting.

WordPress Web Design Company

Did you know that about 65% of all websites on the internet use WordPress as their primary content management system? With an agile CMS that powers the web, you will soon see ROI from the right solution for your customers.

With our WordPress web design services in New York City, we create any website you want. Thanks to our professional web designers, we create a custom experience unique to your brand. Our plugins are also customizable. So, we integrate plugins from multiple sources while keeping your site’s aesthetic consistent.

WordPress Development Benefits

Easy-to-use CMS

: Among the best features about WordPress is that it’s easily managed, making it easy to update your site daily. This allows you to focus on content rather than building your site. WordPress needs no prior coding experience to handle content management.


: We work closely with you to design each page on your site to reflect your unique brand. East End Yovth helps you create an experience that will captivate your target market.


: With WordPress, you easily add new content and get ranked by search engines quickly since the coding is efficient. We place metadata, optimized content and more on every page of your website to target specific keywords & variations in search. You will rank higher in search of more targeted visitors to your website and find more qualified leads.

Increasing brand awareness

: Your website will stand out as a leader in your industry if it regularly provides new and relevant content. Through your blogs and guest comments, WordPress gives you a platform for connecting with your customers. Your website traffic increases because of this open dialogue & your brand’s reputation goes up.

Mobile-friendly design

: Invest in a mobile-friendly website as part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. If your business is mobile-friendly, customers access it on their phones on their commute, while traveling or even at home.

E-commerce Website Development

When you partner with us for web development services for your e-commerce website, you’ll see more completed purchases, a higher average order value and improved ROI for your online store. We’ll design UI/UX for easy & intuitive use, mobile compatibility and fast page load speeds.

We focus on functionality, features & design when we build e-commerce websites. If you want to achieve your e-commerce sales goals, your website should have the standard features of today’s booming online stores and shopping cart platforms as well.

To keep your website up to date, you need tools that work with your business processes. To keep customers engaged, your site needs to deliver the wow factor. That’s how you convert them. E-commerce websites need to be aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and functional as well. 

Ingredients of E-commerce

Content Management: Why does your product exist? What you want are articles, blogs & news that tells the stories behind your products. The best way to tell these stories is through an intuitive CMS.

Discounts and Promotional Tools: Everyone loves a good sale! We create and manage discount codes on your website using an easy-to-use system. The factors influencing how customers locate and use promotional discounts must be easy to set, regardless of the discount type or percentage off.

Related Products and Pages: Make browsing and sharing easy for people! Show visitors related products based on their viewing habits. 

Product Filtering: Allow your customers to filter through category pages to create their own shopping experience. With filters such as price, popularity & relevance, individuals zero in on the items they want to see.

Reporting Tools: How do you improve if you do not analyze customer behavior? With easy-to-understand reporting, you keep track of inventory, identify trends in customer behavior, and more.

Integrating Email Marketing: One tool for cultivating a long-term relationship with your brand is building a newsletter list. Whether you want updates on the status of your order or when it will arrive, we will help you set it up. We will also help you set up email marketing templates, collect email addresses, set email server configurations & deliver segmented, targeted email campaigns to increase your e-commerce marketing effectiveness.

Shopper’s Dynamic Cart: We create a shopping cart that’s easy to use! A shopping cart should dynamically populate with products & the shopper should be able to add items to their cart. We secure your checkout process by offering trust symbols such as VeriSign and McAfee — this will ease customers’ concerns.

Options for Shipping and Payment: Your customer needs to trust your payment process if you want to do business online. Accept multiple payment methods. A transparent payment confirmation page with an email confirming the payment will simplify your checkout process. As a last step in the transaction, provide your customers with tracking information.

Scalable Platform: One of the critical aspects of creating an e-commerce website is making sure the platform is scalable. The team at East End Yovth will make sure your business has what it needs today & we’ll make sure it has what it needs when your web traffic and e-commerce sales increase.

Today, e-commerce website development options are more diverse than ever. To sell online has never been easier and more affordable. We help you determine the best e-commerce solution for your short- & long-term objectives by discussing your project with us.

Custom Web Development Services in NYC

We work with our clients every step of the way, from the imagination to completing custom web development services in Manhattan. As part of the development phase, we share brand style guidelines with clients and design mockups to get their input.

Using a wireframe, our designers establish the layout, content structure, navigation, user flow & other key design aspects. The visual helps stakeholders and the project team understand the web page early in the process before the creative phase kicks off. We make adjustments, iterations and tweak the designs via mobile devices & desktop computers during the development process.

Branding is essential in today’s world and powerful brands have a purpose. They contribute to positive cultural change, drive differentiation & inform decisions. The power of best-in-class design is that it builds more than a positive balance sheet — it creates a sustainable future for the brand.

Technical Optimization
Website Speed Optimization

Technical Optimization​

The best technology architecture relies on a skillful balancing of factors. These include:

  • Future needs and current needs
  • Workflows
  • Integrations
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Technical staff on site
  • Budget

As your strategic partner, our technology team works with you to rebuild your stack or develop a solution that works with your existing tools.

Besides PHP, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, our development team is proficient in the entire range of modern web development languages. Thanks to our extensive network of partnerships, we have an array of certifications – including expertise in many CMS options. 

Our dedicated technical Project Manager manages your build efficiently, managing quality, time & budget with the support of your equally dedicated account manager.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service​

Slow page load speed is not just a problem for e-commerce websites. A slow load speed also hurts sales conversions on travel sites. Customers complete their purchases and never return to the site; others abandon their shopping carts and look elsewhere. Travel and e-commerce, which are highly competitive industries, suffer from this trend.

It doesn’t end there. Besides decreasing the traffic to a website, the loading WordPress speed optimization service plays a role in search engine ranking, increasing bounce rates & decreasing revenue. You will need to compensate for the decline in sales conversion by growing overhead costs, especially marketing.

The speed of your website doesn’t have to be slow for potential customers to be dissatisfied. Besides negatively affecting the user experience, a slow load speed influences the rendering of some vital elements on the page, affecting the overall performance of the entire website.

We boost your site’s speed and as part of the process, we will optimize your website in a variety of ways including:

  • Optimizing and compressing images
  • Minimize and combine JavaScript & CSS files
  • Setting up and configuring website caching
  • Reduce HTTP requests & redirects
  • TTFB (time to the first byte) minimization
  • Dedicated hosting

Page speed optimization makes a significant difference in your website’s performance on a technical level. There will be an increase in traffic, higher page views & a decrease in bounce rates. This will cause better user experiences, leading to higher conversion rates. They are all connected.

A website’s overall performance suffers if we ignore even the slightest underperformance. It adversely affects the performance of a website by just one second of loading time. Your website reflects your brand. An unreliable, difficult-to-use or slow website is one that prospects & customers will avoid. If web changes are painfully slow and significant changes are impossible, internal teams suffer too.

The daunting nature of web development makes it difficult for companies to start projects, so they risk missing out on opportunities and losing out on competitive advantages.

The East End Yovth based out NYC has years of experience building high-performing sites across various industries using the most popular CMS platforms. Our expert team has helped our clients overcome a wide variety of challenges, helping them achieve some exceptional results.