Social Media Management

Social Media is always evolving and opportunistic, and the team at East End Yovth is always current on the latest trends, technologies, and techniques to gain the most success for our clients. Effective marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates that drive more leads and sales. 

It is also a cost-effective outbound marketing channel used to acquire new customers and communicate directly with your current customers.

If you are not speaking directly to your audience through these platforms, you are missing out on a significant opportunity!


Why is Organic Social Media so important?

Social media is becoming more of an established channel for customer acquisition, remarketing, and engaging existing customers with the social community surrounding your brand. Is more authenticity and engagement better? Organic social is ideal for brand management. You don’t need paid campaigns to listen to what people are saying about you.

"Organic Search drives 75% of all search traffic." - Hootsuite

If 52% of all online brand discovery still happens on public social feeds, organic search traffic will provide you with the most cost effective form of brand attention and awareness.

The Benefits of Paid social media are

Paid social media will help amplify your organic content by using social network advertising tools to target the audience.

Ads on social media are up 20% year over year.

Our Process


Bi-Lateral Engagement

Communication with your current, new, and potential customers to build your visibility on social platforms is critical in establishing engagement.


Network Expansion

We help to identify your target audience through our tried and tested discovery process.


Content Strategy + Management

Understanding how to speak to your audience, what to say and when to say it is the most important aspect of your success on social media.


Influencer Management

Be it micro or macro, knowing the correct influencers for your marketplace and how to acquire and manage them will drive significant results.



Our deep knowledge of the analytics from each social platform allows us to optimize all aspects and build the highest authority in the quickest amount of time.


Post Scheduling

Through discovery, we know how to establish the most effective way to deliver posts to your marketplace to gain the most visibility. Posts are scheduled well in advance to maintain the frequency and effectiveness.


Campaign Ideation

This includes developing the key pillars of your brand’s messaging, before creating the content for your social media platforms, which is imperative to having a concise and targeted message.


Paid Advertising

This is one of the most effective tools we use to reach a targeted new audience, through artificial intelligence tools and understanding of your marketplace, paid advertising will drive ROI immediately and dramatically.