Website Development & Design

At the foundation of every marketing strategy is a strong, functional website. Our developers build responsive, dynamic websites that are fully optimized from a coding and functions perspective. They are designed to drive engagement, build your brand, convert new customers, and retain them.

Why is it important to have a strong website development?

Your website must be accessible, attractive, and engaging. It’s hard enough to get someone to come to your website, never mind keep them there and convert. We design lead generation landing pages to large scale responsive consumer websites; our designers and developers can create the website you need to help differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Every team member is a part of the experience in building websites so that we have not only the right design aesthetics but also keep SEO in mind when designing the website and how it functions. All of these specializations contribute to all other aspects of building the website which heightens the user experience.

Our websites include the following features:

Responsive Designs

How can a website be more adaptive to the media that renders them?

With mobile phones and tablets now responsible for 56% of global internet usage, it has become even more important to create a consistently tailored experience across every device. The websites we build are designed to be easy to use from both mobile devices and desktops. Our web developers are experts in creating sites that are responsive on any device.

Techincal Optimization & Custom Coding

How does customization benefit your business goals?

Our websites offer customizable solutions and the flexibility to create a memorable experience for your customers. Take control of your website’s functionality and keep it up to date with relevant content to engage on a deeper level with your target audience. Generate more traffic, leads, and conversions by implementing landing pages. Our development team is capable of making multilingual pages for international use.

The capabilities of our talented developers are endless when it comes to creating custom elements for your website. From motion and interactivity to 3D animations and illustrations, our designers are able to design anything your website and its audience needs. We can build interfaces with other websites such as Amazon or UPS as well as create customer portals, where you can deliver a bespoke customer experience.

client website with custom functions developed by East End Yovth

E-Commerce Websites

Our web developers have experience building digital shopping experiences and digital marketing plans to meet your e-commerce business goals. We begin our website design process with research and strategy ensuring that we know the audience you are trying to reach and what excites them to shop. We then can design the best websites to guide them through checkout and beyond. We use renowned platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce to power the online shops we build. We are experienced and comfortable integrating APIs and interfacing with 3rd party technology. After building your website, we run tests to increase conversion rates and plan campaigns to increase your e-commerce sales.

ecommerce site built by East End Yovth